Four line steering mats tests | 4 lines for beginners and beginners

Vierleiner Lenkmatten EinsteigerOn my website there are a lot of steering mats test reports.

Of course, there are also recommended four-line steering mats for beginners and beginners!

It does not always have to be the expensive top model for the beginning:

A cheaper flight mat is also sufficient for the beginning.

In this purchase consultation I give you my recommendations for a suitable beginner model.

I am very happy that the manufacturer HQ has introduced a super 4 line steering mat in the beginner price range for beginners in the last few years.

Good workmanship, solid flight characteristics, top accessories, and an excellent price-performance ratio.

That’s all there is to it.

What makes a cheap 4 line mat for beginners?

First of all the price! The processing is somewhat easier, but this is not noticeable to a beginner, nor can it be detrimental in any way to the flight characteristics.

The film is not cut as stretched, there is a different ratio of length to depth.

This results in a rounder, more stable and more even flight pattern.

The steering mat is more relaxed to fly, also quieter at the limits and builds up a little less pressure and pull so that it is easier for beginners to steer.


  • cheaper price
  • somewhat simpler processing
  • different ratio of length to depth, cut down
  • quieter, more stable flight pattern.

Now, if you’re wondering, why not go straight to one of those href=““>4-linen mat for advanced users, and select a slightly smaller one:


Of course you can! And I think that’s a good idea, too.

But most of the time the budget for beginners is limited and the advanced parts are more expensive.

So if you’re looking for a cheap recommendation.

For lighter pilots, up to approx. 50-55 kg following purchase advice:

For normal heavy pilots: from 55 kg following recommendation:

For heavier pilots, or someone who wants to crash in the meadow:

But watch out!

These devices are not measured in span, but in square meters.

So they are already much bigger than two-line steering mats for beginners and beginners.

Choose the right size for you and enjoy exciting and fast flying hours on the meadow.

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