Four line steering mats tests and recommendations for advanced riders

4-Leiner Lenkmatten FortgeschritteneOn my website I present you 2-line steering mats recommendations for beginners and advanced.

But I am sure that after a certain time you will want to try out more demanding models.

Of course, if you have flown two lines for beginners or 4 lines for beginners so far, you may be looking for a larger four line.

I can tell you from my experience, I was the same way.

I have with a small mat:

and now fly myself regularly large four line mats

On this page I will give you some advice which 4-lines are best suited for advanced users.

What do you look for in an advanced flight mat?

As a rule, these models are larger!

So you will rarely buy or find models that are smaller than 2.5-3.0 m².

And of course these aircraft also have four lines for steering.

I think that’s where the fun really starts!

Real professionals who want to jump on the meadow take even bigger mats with 5 or more 6,square meters, and can be lifted into the air with it.

But because I have already reached an advanced age, this is nothing for me 🙂 .

Another important point is of course the price.

If the steering mat is better processed, bigger, the price will increase as well.

This is usually no problem for advanced users, but can of course deter a beginner.

If you are looking for an inexpensive four line line for beginners, then you can call up this page: Cheap four line steering mats.

Advanced mats are also usually cut in such a way that they are usually faster, more aggressive to fly, build up more pressure and pull, and thus are of course a little more demanding to fly.

The foil of these aircraft is cut differently, which is expressed in the ratio of length to depth.

This is also called Aspect-Ratio in technical terminology.

Let me briefly summarize the differences in a comparison

  • Higher quality workmanship, better accessories.
  • Higher price.
  • Stretched cut of the foil.
  • More aggressive, faster, sometimes also slightly unstable flight behaviour at the limits.
  • More pull, more pressure, and more experience in control necessary.

But, I’m sure, once you’ve landed on the site, you’ll appreciate the advantages, and also decide on a suitable model.

The right decision

Are you looking for outstanding quality?

Searches excellent workmanship?

Perfect flight characteristics, and the right accessories, all in one?

Then you’ll be thrilled by these models I fly myself.

Also here there are several sizes, and I would like you a recommendation which are suitable.

The smallest size is suitable for light pilots up to 55-60 kg:

Of course a normal heavy pilot can also go out with this smaller model in a strong wind.

Of course I do this myself from time to time, and have a lot of fun with it!

You only have to remember: a steering mat is quickly bought too big, but a small flying mat can also be flown in strong winds with a lot of fun.

The following recommendation is suitable for normal heavy pilots:

Larger models

The larger models are more suitable for much heavier pilots, such as around 80-90 kg, or also normal-heavy pilots who may want to do the first jumps on the meadow.

But please be careful, put on protective gear.

I think now the choice of a suitable mat for advanced users is much easier for you.

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