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My name is Alexander and I run this page about steering mats tests and

Here I will give you the appropriate information on how to find the right flying mat for you.

But before we are ready, I will first give you some important information about me and about buying a kite.

About me

I myself have been flying mats for many years!
I started with a small mat of the brand

A very recommendable flying mat for beginners, but also for advanced pilots!
Over the years, larger two- and four-lines for advanced riders were added.

So I can really give you good and fitting recommendations with great confidence.

What’s that? What’s that?

I’m sure there are a few readers who can’t imagine flying mats.
Briefly explained: Surely you know kites from your childhood.
You have to imagine it as if it were a paraglider paraglider, as you have probably seen it from a distance or on TV before.
Only of course much, much, much smaller!
Now you hold a miniature version of this paraglider in your hand with two lines (or even four…) and can fly it like a Stunt kite.
These parts are made from several individual cells that fill with air and thus reproduce the shape of a wing. Even a light wind creates lift and the aircraft sails effortlessly into the air.
With two lines you can take off, land, fly left, right, up or down. Special 4 lines steering mats have, as the name already says, also four lines for steering. In addition, it can be used to perform completely different manoeuvres in the air.

Yes, how do I find the right one?

I have divided this website into the following sections:

  • Suitable

On all these pages I have also added suitable test reports as video.

What is the difference between a 4 line and a 2 line?

Just watch the very detailed Youtube video about the differences between them.

In brief:

  • Two lines are lighter, cheaper and easier to start and set up for beginners. This is basically because you only have two lines to steer.
  • Four line lines are usually more expensive, also bigger, somewhat more difficult in the structure, permit however clearly more maneuvers in the air. The HQ beamer four-line is an example here.

What if you’re a rookie now?

I think, for the beginning one is always well advised with a favorable 2-liner.
Even if you try to be careful, you will suffer two or three crash landings at the beginning.
It is certainly less painful for your wallet if you crash a cheap mat into the ground than if you crash the expensive 150 € aircraft.
But don’t worry!
Even if you have been flying for some time, you can still fly the small flying mat.
I can tell from my experience. I’ll tell you what:
Even if I fly a very large 4-line, I always have a small glider with me to relax, or just fly relaxed.

A request! Do not buy cheap offers!

On the Internet, especially on eBay, you will always find bargains for would-be bargains.
I know the human drive is to always want the cheapest and best deal.
However, I would be very unhappy if, after studying all my advice and recommendations, you would now resort to a cheap model.
Just believe me: it will fly worse, it will spoil your fun and probably be time-consuming to set up and annoy you.
I have flown almost all of the products that I show you here as examples, I know the flight characteristics and have a lot of fun with them myself.
Therefore I am very sure that you will have a lot of fun with my recommendation on the meadow with the right wind.

In a nutshell: the right one!

I know many readers want the right answer quickly.
So here is an example of the right steering mat for you (click on it to go directly to Amazon on the product)!

[EINSTEIGER] Very cheap, but still good steering mats on a small budget

[ACCEPTOR + ADVANCED] in professional workmanship and equipment

2-linen mat for advanced learners

4-linen mat

for beginners

4-liner for advanced

Correct size

Don’t worry!! You can’t really buy too small! Unless you buy the „Children’s mat of 100cm span“ and are 2m tall… But you can quickly buy cheap, scrap things – with miserable quality, bad instructions, and crooked flight – money thrown out. And you can easily buy huge parts that are too big and overstrain you, for example 3-4 m wingspan or 4 square meters upwards.

Therefore, trust my recommendations. And with a somewhat smaller flying mat, approx. 1.6-2 m span, you can also go out super well in storm and wind force 4-5, even as an adult, strong man. I bet you haven’t thought about that yet.

Let’s go!

With the right advice, you can now go to the meadow and enjoy the first flight hours.

best regards

Alexander (yes, I am on the videos! Although a little younger than today)

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