Steering mats for children and young people | Fun for young people too

Lenkmatten für Kinder Empfehlungen und Tests

On my page I give you a detailed steering mat for children and teenagers

You want to take your kids out to the meadow?

Also here there are good models for flying!

Of course you should be careful with the size!

Do not overtax the young children with a mat that is too big.

So that these have fun, there are also here several sizes, which I differentiate depending upon body weight or also age.

For young people, for example, this can be the following model:

  • – This has the size 1.8 and is very suitable for teenagers to fly. Robust, good price, and solid flight characteristics.

For small children, aged 8-10 years, the following small mat may also be suitable:

  • – With the size 1.3 this is small, compact, easy to assemble, inexpensive, robust, and has solid flight characteristics!

Both models have the right quality, balanced flight characteristics and excellent workmanship.

Please don’t buy a cheap Aldi flying bag.

I have already become addicted to it, and have frustrated her after a short time thrown in the garbage.

Just believe me:

  • If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

That’s why my recommendations and advice are on this website to save you this frustration.

Best regards Alexander


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