Two of a steering mat Tests and recommendations for advanced riders

Flugmatten TestberichteYou have already studied all the steering mat test reports on my site?

You want to feel more wind or power?

You appreciate the simple construction, the lightness and the speed of a two-line?

A purchase advice for more challenge?

Excellent workmanship?

I also have a few recommendations here.

Let’s be honest: with an advanced four-line you can do a lot of flying manoeuvres.

But nothing beats a fast and light two line mat for advanced pilots in terms of a fast flight pattern, easy and fast set-up, and fast manoeuvres.

On this page I will give you my experiences and my tips how to find the right flight mat for advanced pilots.

Finding the right mat for advanced learners

As a rule, advanced pilots have already completed several flight hours.

You now want something she demands of me.

You don’t have to reach for the much more expensive four-line steering mats right away.

There are also very fast, or also very strong two lines.

All you have to do here is decide what you want yourself.

I want a quick two of a steering mat.

The following product is really ingenious:

But beware, this can really reach great speeds!

Or you’d like to have excellent


  • – these I fly myself, excellent workmanship, round flight pattern, and if you tie better lines to it, you can also get out in really strong winds! An excellent experience!

I want a powerful two of a kind.

Small steering mats for beginners are not for you?

You want tired arms after a few minutes?

A glow in your face?

And probably you will start sweating after a short time!

Then this is the mat for you:

  • – don’t be deterred by the 0.5 m larger span, this mat has an extremely stretched cut and can therefore build up extremely strong pulling forces even with medium winds! Believe me, I flew that monster myself!

But watch out! You want a lot of strength!

So, now you know the best models for progress!

I wish you a lot of fun now, and a lot of joy on the meadow!

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